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About Gracefield   British Values

Respect for All

The Department for Education has reinforced the need “to promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.” At Gracefield, these values are interwoven into our school ethos, aims and everyday life. 

Our pupils are given a voice and have many opportunities to be heard. We offer regular circle time discussions which introduce the concept of shared decision making. Pupils elected to the School Council, from Year 6, meet regularly to discuss issues with the Headteacher and offer suggestions for activities to enhance the curriculum. Our Eco Warriors allow the children to have increasing input to new initiatives and to further understand how decisions are made and implemented.

Our children will encounter rules and laws throughout their lives and it is important that they understand and respect the law. We have clear expectations of our children’s behaviour and an ethos of following rules for the good of the whole school community.  Our three ‘Golden Rules’, Ready - Respectful - Safe, are woven into the fabric of school life. We expect the children to be ready to learn, respectful of others and to work and play in a safe environment. We have regular visits from organisations such as the Ambulance and Fire Service to encourage further understanding that there are laws to govern all aspects of life and that they are there to protect us.

We want to give our children the responsibility and freedom to make choices in various aspects of school life and to ensure that these are safe and wise choices. This is carried out in a supportive environment where staff work with children to achieve the same goals. 

We have high expectations of excellent manners and kindness shown throughout the school. The children are taught that all members of the school community should treat each other with mutual respect. Our children learn that their behaviours and decisions have an effect on their own rights and those of others.  We encourage our children to demonstrate an understanding of fairness and good sportsmanship and to value each other.

Gracefield is a culturally rich and diverse school and we teach our children, from Reception upwards, to respect all faiths and cultures. Teaching in RE and PSHE ensures that our children learn about a variety of faiths and beliefs. We often welcome parents and outside visitors into the school to talk to the children about their beliefs and culture. Christian values underpin our school ethos and through knowledge and understanding, we aim to help our children develop and display tolerance and respect for all. We are proud of the way this ethos operates at the heart of school life and we welcome pupils from all faiths and no faith backgrounds into our school community.



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